Challenge: Make the people around you better

Sam_Green Ball

Here is a challenge.  Make the people around you better.  Many athletes are commended and measured on their ability to accomplish this, however, in everyday life this characteristic seems to get lost in the shuffle.  So I challenge you look inside yourself and lead by example and let other people around you follow.  Chances are people will rise to the occasion before your eyes.  These “leaders” seem to generate energy that other people feed off of.  It’s like an infectious laugh at a party.  One person starts and soon everyone is laughing and no one knows why.  It just happens.

Our canine friends also seem to have that incredible ability to make those around them better with their consistently positive outlook and energy; those around them can’t help but to feel excitement and love.  Regardless of the day they’ve had they continually greet you at the door with their favorite toy and they are always able to start with a clean slate.

Champions lead by example; but I do not believe it is totally a conscious effort.  For some it is innate.  Your challenge may require a “conscious/mindful” effort in the beginning, however, it will soon become natural.

So whether you wish to take a cue from your canine friend, an athlete or just someone you admire;  remember LiFE is NOW… make it a good one and make those around you better.  This is one infection we don’t want to cure!