Bucket Lists…Why have ’em?

We all hav’em (maybe not actually written down but they’re there), but why?.  Why do we have’em?  And every year on January 1st we add more to the ever growing list.  Perhaps we’ve been told to have one or perhaps we think everyone else has one so I should too.  For whatever reason, at some point in our lives we grab a cup of coffee, pen and pad of paper; sit in our favorite comfy chair in the sun and begin to jot down all those things we’ve been talking about doing over the years but haven’t quite gotten around to them.   Don’t get me wrong, this post is not written to say you “should” have a bucket list; and damn it! get a cup of coffee, grab your pen and paper and get to it.  No, not at all.  It is written as a call to action on the bucket list.  LiFE is NOW…Get out there and live and start crossing off items.  Remember, at some point the merry-go-round stops and it’s time to get off.  Did you enjoy your ride? Was there something you wanted to do on that ride but didn’t?  When the merry-go-round operator lends you a hand to help you off the ride and you step down off the rotating platform, will you have regrets?  Don’t let there be!

Bucket Lists always seem to act the way most lists do….they have a animated life of their own.  They get bigger and longer while most of us never actually do anything on them.  But wait! We have one!! That has to count for something.  Sure.  It’s a 1st step.  But then countries were not discovered by explorers that took only “one step”. 

If you’ve ever considered crossing off one or two of those items on your Bucket List, there’s no time like the present. Don’t let life get in the way.  How can living get in the way of living?  Life in the way of life?  It is the very thing we are seeking to achieve.  So don’t let life get in the way of life.

Seems as though we see a movie, read a book or listen to a story and after which we say “Damn it!  I’m going to skydive.”; but we never do because the moment passes. Don’t let the moment pass. Start doing.


LiFE is NOW…Engage!