LiFE is NOW… Moment shared

We recently read an article at that we felt deserved to be shared and listed under our LiFE is NOW… Moments as it shows how a person who is given not such pleasant news and could have easily used the news as a crutch or continuous excuse but rather chose to look upon it as an inspiration or impetus to get out and embrace life and the great outdoors.  She states in her article “The MS diagnosis was a lightning bolt, propelling me into instant action. Leaving the doctor’s office that day, I made a decision to change my life, to embrace a path of healing and empowerment.” which to us is a definite LiFE is NOW… Moment.  Please don’t allow us, however, to mislead you into thinking every inspiration or LiFE is NOW… Moment must come on the heals of devastating news.  It may; but it can also be precipitated by your own recognition that we don’t carry an infinite amount of tomorrows in our backpacks!  You certainly don’t want to be at a crossroads of something you’ve wanted to do all your life then reach into your backpack and find there are no more tomorrows left in there!

In any event we’ve attached the article’s link here for you to read, we think you’ll find it eye opening.


Jennifer also runs an outdoor expedition company in Canada for those of you in that area or are set to travel to the Great White North in the near future.  Her company is called Wild Women Expeditions and it looks like her group has a blast.

If you’ve ever had a LiFE is NOW…Moment please let us know so we can get your story out there.  Tell us how it happened and what you did about it.  After all, realizing it is only have the story.  What you do with the knowledge is paramount.

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LiFE is NOW...Red Hoodie