Procrastination and teenagers; lessons learned

Don't let your "I wills"

As you know, we here at LiFE is NOW…promote a call to action lifestyle.  Tomorrow is never guaranteed, etc. and when it comes to teenagers we can learn a little something from them.

The first is their impulsive mentality of wanting it right now despite the consequences or the cost.  They see something they like and they move to acquire it.  No thought process.  Just need it now.  Seems as though as we age this impulsivity diminishes by the minute and we begin to question our decisions and our thoughts rather than moving with our gut instinct.  Maybe it’s the fear of getting caught or the image that a mature adult would not do such things.  But maybe, just maybe, if we followed the teenagers thinking process we’d have a little more fun and a lot less stress.

The second is something we feel maybe we shouldn’t follow so closely and that is the teenager’s birth rite to procrastinate and put things off until tomorrow (which as we know… not guaranteed….).  How many times have you heard a teenager say “I will” in response to a request to do something?  We all know that like most people, if it’s not exciting and interesting teenagers will postpone until perhaps it goes away.  But there is a lesson to be learned from this “I will” response and that is simply that if tomorrow shows up the “I will” has miraculously transformed itself into “I was gonna”.  This holds true for fun things as well that a teenager may postpone and therefore “misses out” on something cool.  So take a lesson from a teenager, eliminate regrets and don’t wait for tomorrow.  Don’t assume you will always be healthy, active and able to do all the things you want to.  Yes, tomorrow may come but you may not be ready or able.

Remember LiFE is NOW… Don’t let your “I will” turn into “I was gonna”.