LiFE is NOW…goes South of the Border to Mexico

LiFE is NOW…recently visited Cancun, Mexico!!!  Wow, Italy.  Now Mexico.

Jamie Dana Cancun
Jamie & Dana in Cancun, Mexico

Thanks to Jamie & Dana for sending us these photos we can enjoy some of the beauty as well.  Like for example this shot of a Cancun morning over the ocean.

Cancun Morning
Early Morning Cancun, Mexico

If you have Cancun on your Bucket List these pictures should give you a boost to go book your trip and set yourself on a beach with a boat drink in your hand (we certainly want to!).  LiFE is NOW… and if you can manage it you owe it to yourself to plan your trip and get your feet in sand.  Maybe it’s not Cancun.  That’s o.k.  There’s plenty of beaches in the world with crystal blue waters and soft sand to lay yourself on and soak up the tropical sun.  Pick one, book it and enjoy it.  Take a look at the beach below.  There’s even 2 empty chairs reserved just for you!!

Cancun Beach
Cancun Beach….mmmm

We love it when our LiFE is NOW’ers tell us where they’ve been and where they’ve taken us.  We can all live vicariously through them for now (albeit until we’re actually doing it ourselves because we realize that LiFE is NOW… and we’ve booked our trip!!).  It’s great to share photos and travel stories with friends.  Along the way we might pick up a few pointers or ideas to keep us active and on the move; while continuing to remember that tomorrow is never guaranteed.  Get out there and enjoy….They did.  Here they are posing by the fountain.

Dana Cancun Fountain
Dana in Cancun
Jamie Cancun
Jamie in Cancun

If you’ve taken us with you on trips get some photos and let us know.  If you’re at your favorite coffee shop, snap a pic and we may feature them in the post and give them some cheap advertising.  We want to hear from you.

Where will you take us next?