LiFE is [not a dress rehearsal] NOW…

Met a longtime friend and his wife and got to talking about kids, wine, sports; then the conversation turned to more serious topics to include the economy, work and jobs (what a buzzkill, or so I thought). I expressed to him the fact that all of the extraneous happenings in the world were just that; extraneous and that although things were not seemingly so positive I was happy to have friends, family and health. I babbled on about asking myself the question of “what am I waiting for in life?” (another philosophical buzzkill you might say) to which he replied; “I’m going to steal a phrase from my wife; something she says occasionally” and so I waited for the punch line and ironic as it may seem it was exactly what I’d been babbling on about, that LiFE is NOW… So I made a note to myself and promised I would give her credit.

So, here is what she said: “This [life] is not a dress rehearsal”.

Kim F.

(She likely heard this phrase sometime over her life but I’m giving her credit for it. It is certainly the truth.)

LiFE is NOW…Don’t wait!