Triathlon as bucket list item #1?… why not

Starting a Bucket List:      $ Initiative
Choosing a Triathlon as your first challenge on that list:       $ Courageous
Staying away from hot fudge sundaes and maintaining a healthy lifestyle:      $ Determined
Training night and day for many months:        $ Driven
Gaining confidence and inner beauty on a daily basis:       $ Sweat Equity
Crossing the finish line with arms raised higher than your confidence level…………….$ Priceless

The longest journey starts with a single step.  A step cannot occur if you choose to sit.  Get up.  Get moving.  Take that first step.

We here at LiFE is NOW… are big on remembering that tomorrow is never guaranteed so if you want to participate in a Triathlon why not start today. Take that first step.  To help you get started here is a link to find Triathlons in your area. They offer information on Beginner Triathlons and tips for newbies.

LiFE is NOW…Get busy either creating a Bucket List or crossing items off!  Post your list items here.