Here is a great example of taking advantage of a moment and embracing LiFE is NOW… The sun was setting on the West Coast and as we all know if you delay it will drop into the ocean in the blink of an eye. It was a great opportunity to take a picture of yet another spectacular sunset for posterity; but instead a little fun and creativity were added and the photos ended up capturing fantastic moments that offered beauty and inspiration. The leaping photograph was named “Spirit” because it not only showed energy, enthusiasm and soul but also had the visual effect of a apparition or specter. “Silhouette” is shown below.

Trying to realize every moment should not feel like homework. No need to preoccupy yourself with trying to be “in the moment” every second of every day. They will come; and when when they do, inject a little fun into them; you never know what indelible memories you’ll create.

LiFE is NOW…Have Fun!