Thank your military personnel

It is likely that the life you are living, be it difficult, simple, overwhelming or exhilarating (but most importantly, FREE); was the direct result in some shape or form of a veteran or active military personnel.  Whether it be 200 years ago or today they are out there protecting our freedom.  Why not take the time to thank a veteran or active personnel when you see one.  They are everywhere.  The Post Office, airports and bus stations, beaches and restaurants.  If you know them personally take the time the reach out and let them know you are truly grateful for their sacrifices and courage.

Regardless of your feelings toward military action or politics these folks are offering their life and their families in order to maintain the freedoms to which we’ve become accustomed.  Put aside your differences and reach out with a “thank you”. They will appreciate it.

In fact the other day I ran into an older gentleman who was wearing what looked like a military/veteran type baseball cap and I asked him if he was a veteran to which he proudly answered; “yes.”  I then offered him my “thank you” for his service to which he humbly (but with a huge proud smile on his face that someone recognized him) “you’re welcome”.  Two people walked away from that interaction with heavy hearts and proud smiles.

LiFE is NOW… Thank a Vet.

As I was ready to release this post I nearly forgot to follow my own advice.

So, to all the Veterans and active military personnel and their families and on behalf of the LiFE is NOW… family I extend our sincerest appreciation and thank yous for putting your life on hold so that we could live ours now.  I’m sure this sentiment is echoed throughout our country.